Monday, June 14, 2010

16 weeks...5 am thoughts.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today with our little tater tot! We Doppler pretty often and TTT's heart rate sounds good. Always hanging out around 150-160.  I'm feeling flutters and that's also reassuring. I have no idea when Ryan's going to be able to feel baby move, he's pretty anxious for that day whenever it may come. For now, I'm satisfied with the flutters.  It feels private, special, and peaceful between TTT and me. I took some belly shots about a week ago while trying on some maternity clothes. Here they are:

My regular clothes were just fitting me awkwardly...the maternity clothes feel much better. I also bought a maternity bathing suit as well. It'll be nice for my growing belly not to be squished into my regular bathing suits this Summer. Though I still feel mostly just fat right now.

Our next doctors appointment is on June 23rd, and the one after that will be our level II ultrasound where we'll see all of tater's little structures, including gender! :o)

In other news, Ryan and I have been SICK SICK SICK. It's been going on for about a week and I had to call off of work 3 nights in a row. Boooo. We have bronchitis and sinus infections. Blech. Back to work tonight though, which is why I'm still up at 5 am writting this blog. I need to sleep all day.

My birthday is on the 16th. On the 17th we were planning on going to The Beach Waterpark . I hope the sick doesn't get in the way. It has lots of water slides that TTT and I will not be going on, but they also have a nice wave pool, lazy river, and lagoon with waterfalls. I can relax in those for the day hopefully. It'll only be 30$ for Ryan and I to go. (They have some weird sale on Tues and Thurs.) Wooo!

Has anyone seen this commercial for the h u g g i e s denim looking diapers?  HAHAHAHA "I poo in blue." Ridiculous! It just cracks me up.  It says at the end "The coolest you'll look pooping your pants" HAHAHAHAHA.

I hope you all are having a peaceful day.


  1. Love the belly pics! :) Sorry to hear you have been sick. I hope you get feeling better soon.

  2. So glad that you're feeling well and starting to grow a little belly. :)

  3. I love that commercial! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. But your Maternity clothes are super cute (they've come along way!) I finally got maternity clothes last week because tying a hair-tie around my button wasn't working anymore :) Hope everything goes well with your ultrasound on the 23rd, I will be thinking of you then, I'm off this morning to my level 2, hoping for good news. Take care.

    P.S Happy Birthday early in case I don't get to tell you wednesday!!

  4. woo hoo!!!!!! Can't wait to see if Tater Tot is a he or a she! :) Glad everything is going well and hope you feel better soon! (Happy early Birthday too!)