Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Far So Good

Well, the ultra sound part of the ultra screen came back really well. The measurement of the nuchal translucency and the nasal bone were great! We won't get the blood test results until Tuesday. We feel really hopeful now after hearing that the ultra sound half went so well though. The genetics guy said that if the ultra sound came back well, we have a good chance of the blood work coming back well. So, as the title of this blog says, so far so good. More of the wait and see game though. Again, it was WONDERFUL to see our tater tot again on the screen. TTT is measuring almost 14 weeks. The tech said that the CRL is 3 inches and including legs is approx 4.5 inches! Awwww. We could see hands and feet really really well. It was so cute! Of course, I have pix to show you.

Another profile
Look at those little fingers!
Yet again another profile
An attempt at a 3D pic.

The tech wouldn't even make an attempt to look for gender. O well, we aren't in that big of a rush to find out. It'd be nice to know, but it doesn't really matter to us too much.  Ok, well, we're busy busy today I just wanted to update everyone. Again, Thank you all so much for all of your prayers and positive thoughts. They are really working!!


  1. The 3d pic is so sweet it looks like TTT is snuggling up and just so comfortable..Glad you're getting good news so far.

  2. Wonderful news!!!! I love the pictures, especially the 3D one.

  3. Those are awesome pictures! I love tater tot already! :)

  4. Love the pictures! Glad that the measurement is good! Hope the blood test comes back w a low risk!

  5. Yay! Love all the pictures!!

  6. So glad that things are looking good!!

  7. I'm glad to be able to read that someone else has already been thru the NT and got some good news. I love the 3D pic, too! Too bad they wouldn't scan for gender. Oh well, it's right around the corner!