Monday, January 17, 2011

Random bits of chatter

I might just try and update this thing a bit more often. We'll see. So today we went out with Hannah to our favorite breakfast place. It was our first time attempting to go out to eat since she's been born. We had a gift certificate and we've just felt sooo couped up lately. Anyways ~ It went really well. She didn't cry at all. I had her in the Moby wrap the whole time. We're trying to keep her out of the car seat as much as possible because she's got a flat spot on the back of her head. The moby worked out well at the table. PS: I LOVE THE MOBY. Anyone who's got anything small they like to carry around... such as a baby.. or perhaps a cat (bb)...or small dog.... YOU NEED A MOBY. It's wonderful. Sooo much more comfortable then the baby bjorn. At least for a newborn. Hey ~ that rhymed.

She's been smiling a lot lately which is like a little present every single time. I can't believe how those tiny little baby smiles make me melt. They make me feel like I'm doing something right. My baby is happy ~ What's better then that.

There's not much to do in the winter. Blech. I've loved having these weeks of maternity leave off with Ryan and Hannah but goodness gracious there isn't much to do. (besides tending to baby needs) It'll be so fun in the summer to go for walks with Hannah in the stroller! I can't wait. Our poor dogs haven't even been walked because its SO cold!

So ever since Hannah's been born, our parents have become whole new people. It's so funny to watch how someone so small can make all of these adults so silly. We no longer matter.. we're just the people who bring the baby to them. They'd probably like it if we would just set her down and slowly back away. My mom hardly talks to ME anymore...she just says "tell your mommy thank you for bringing you over" and things like that. HAHA. "tell your mommy" this and "tell your mommy" that. It's pretty funny to watch.

Ryan got laid off AGAIN for the winter time because there isn't much work in this weather. Booo. Hopefully when it gets warm he'll be working again. it kinda works out for now though because he's helping out with my parents business while my mom is recovering from an ankle surgery.

Yep..that's all I have to say. Not very interesting for you, my loyal readers. HAHA. I'm off to start my netflix membership.... wooo for 1 free month!


  1. I got the 1 month free membership too. :) Glad you like the Moby. Nora always had crumbs in her hair and stains on the Moby because i'd always eat with her in it too. LOL. Glad Hannah is a happy baby. xo

  2. I love baby smiles too...although Paisley's are usually just gas ;) I really need to figure out my Moby, lol.

  3. enjoy hannah! enjoy your time off work! enjoy netflix! so happy that you seem to be doing so well!

  4. it all sounds delightful, minus the getting laid off and cold weather of course!

  5. parents sure get weird after the baby is here...they just want to know about the baby, not you lol. I totally get that. It's funny. And if you think baby smiles are great, wait until you get baby giggles and laughs. So amazing.