Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Appointment

We had our first appointment for our rainbow baby which so many of you are calling Turkey Tator Tot. Now you have us saying Turkey Tator Tot too! So much for deciding between Turkey OR Tator Tot. Hahaha.

Everything went well. It was just an inital question/answer sesion with a little blood work and stuff like that. We met with the midwife "L.C." She is the reason why I switched to that practice to begin with. I saw her do some deliveries while I was working in L&D and I just thought she was amazing. She has had several losses and was VERY understanding about all of my crazy fears I have right now. I'm going to have my first ultrasound on April 15th to try to see TTT's little heartbeat and to properly date our rainbow. She called me 5 weeks 2 days right now. Ryan and I think I am 4w6d but whatever. Then I'll have an ultrascreen between 11-13 weeks with Dr. Awesome, the high risk guy, to look @ the nuchal Translucency.

These fears are obnoxious. I'm back to not sleeping well just like after we lost Grace. It'll be nice to have some reassurance after our inital ultrasound. I just really really hope and pray that everything is ok in there. Like I've said before in my other blog, Kangaroos' have it so easy. They can just open their pouch and peek in on their little Joey's development. I wish I could do that too! I just have to be at peace with the fact  that things will turn out just as they are supposed to.

They gave me a bag of goodies with some sample prenatals and a pretty awesome magazine that has some awesome info and pix about fetal development. Fun!
Ryan said, "Those are the biggest pills I've ever seen! Are they trying to punish you!"   He was very bothered by these pills. HAHA. I've been taking prenatals for months and months but I'm going to take these DHA ones for the next 10 days during the critical neural tube development stage. They are quite large though. He felt the need to go get the ruler and show me how big they are...I didn't even know we owned a ruler.

The woman who poked me for my blood work almost got a punch to the face. I know, I'm a nurse, I'm annoying patient. At least I'm already aware of that, and I own it. I'm an annoying patient-yea, I know. Either way, I've been through this blood work thing before and I know where they are and are  not good veins. Did she listen to me- NO. Do I have a bruise the size of texas now  and an unnecessary second hole in my arm- YES. Damn her. I told her that we hopefully have 40 weeks together and we aren't going to be friends if she doesn't want to listen to me. Hmmmf.

Oh and why when they need to do a vag exam..and they have you undress from waist down, do they give you something about as big as a paper towel to cover your entire bottom half. Seriously? I needed about 4 of those to cover myself. I'm picture happy ya know..but not that picture happy. They'll be no pix of me , my shirt, and a paper towel skirt. Don't get me wrong, I did think about it.

Anyway, I have million pregnancy books that I have collected and by far my favorite one is called From the Hips by Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris. Has anyone read it? It's got great advice and talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of pregnancy.

Well, I think that's all the updates I have for now. Nothing too exciting. I'll take giant pills, get stuck with a needle as much as it takes, wear paper towel clothes, and throw up a million times. Anything for Turkey Tator Tot.


  1. I'm so happy for you lovely lady! I know what you are going through! And I totally thought the same thing about the "bottom covers" I actually laughed out loud and thought that I could get a bigger one from the bathroom. Well I'm thinking about you!! You're in my prayers!! <3

  2. Oh I remember those pre-natal vitamin horse pills! :P So happy and excited for you though! :) Thinking of you!

  3. You're better than me, I would have totally taken a picture with the paper. Of course, I would have also punched the vein nurse. So I have issues. :)

    I got the same magazine this pregnancy, it was neat. The pills are impressive. I never got snazzy pills, I've just always used OTC pills. Of course I'm more amazed by the fact that you own a real ruler. I've not seen one of those since like 2nd grade.

  4. Hey there! I saw that you had visited my blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! You're funny - I am also on the Prenate pills, they are big, but taste much better than the store bought ones :) They are much easier on your stomach (if you start to get queasy soon) during your 1st trimester. I also left my first appt. with the same booklet of baby's development :P

    Good luck, hopefully April 15th will come fast for you!