Friday, April 16, 2010

First Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound for Turkey Tater Tot. We were pretty terrified to go. They even put us in the same room we were in last time with our little Grace Willow. This is the same screen we saw her on. Her heart was beating last time we saw here here..

 I wrapped up in my paper towel skirt and then,to lighten the mood.. they had this offensive piece of machinery set up for me. How wonderful.
RUDE! It didn't even buy me dinner first. Seriously.. that's a glove?! Wow.

Ok so, there it goes, looking for our TTT's heartbeat. It seemed to take a while. Please just let me see a heartbeat.
Then, I saw Him.

Wow. There's my baby! There's my Turkey Tater Tot!! He DOES exist! We couldn't believe it.

Based on my LMP I was supposed to be 7w3d. Ryan and I thought I was 6w6d-ish. The ultrasound confirmed what we thought and dated the baby to be 6w5d which makes the due date December 4th.

We saw and HEARD the heart beat too! It was 113. I thought this was a little low but the doctor said it was very normal for this early gestational age. She said it should be between 110-120. When I googled this to make sure she wasn't blowing smoke, I read it could be between 90-120. Ok so I guess I'll calm myself a little about it. It was just so beautiful to see the little flicker of our little rainbow's heart. We made that heart. I can't believe it.

We go back on May 17th for our next appointment. Oh, and somewhere around that time we're going to see Dr. Awesome at MFM to get our level II ultrasound and all of the other testing. We decided against an amnio though. No need to poke around in there.

I tried to keep a distance between me and TTT. It sounds awful, but I was just so scared to fall so hard for our rainbow until we saw the heart beat. It didn't work out too well. I loved him before today. After today, after our ultrasound....That heart. That beautiful beating, flickering heart melted our hearts and I'm so in love with that little blob I can hardly stand myself.

Oh, and I called him - HIM- because I dreampt it was a boy. I know I know, that doesn't mean anything. I just kinda have this hunch. I could be very wrong. I had a dream that we had a little baby boy and brought him home. He was healthy and absolutley beautiful.  With Grace, I always had dreams that we would deliver our baby and then we couldn't find her. We never took her home. We know how that turned out. This dream I had recently about HIM, he came home with us. His name was Kohen. I hope and pray that  my dream comes true.

Ryan and I both SO appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that you all have sent our way.


  1. I have hope your dream will come true! I had dreams about losing Ella, too. And, I worried constantly- like I knew how it would turn out. I did dream about Nora coming home, too- a few months back. I am a big believer in dreams. TTT is adorable! xo

  2. Me too! I have this crazy feeling tater tot is a HE too.. :) I don't know why. So glad everything looks well! So happy for you!!!!!

  3. I am so happy your first u/s went well. There is no stopping the absolute avalanche of love that happens the moment you find out you are pregnant again....although we certainly try to protect ourselves against it. I will be praying that your little one continues to grow big and strong. God Bless.

  4. Oh Megan, it's so wonderful!!! What an absolutely precious miracle. Your due date is two days past mine when I was pregnant with Calvin and Georgia and they came exactly at thirty seven weeks on November 10...What a fantastic Christmas present. Can't wait to follow this pregnancy. Hugging you!!!

  5. What beautiful pictures of your tater tot!

  6. So so happy for you!! I know exactly what you mean. Our stories are so close! Praying for you!! <3

  7. So flipping exciting, Megan!!

    When you go for your Level 2 will you find out if your Turkey Tater Tot is in fact a Kohen or a Kohenita?

    I am so so excited for you!


  8. Glad that the 1st us went well, thinking of you and your TTT!

  9. That first glimpse of a lil' beating heart is just so amazing isn't it! Congrats!!!! it's such an exciting time!!

  10. That's wonderful news, and my hubby guessed at about 6wks that this would be a boy and He was right so I say trust your instinct.
    I know how hard it is to try and ''not '' get too excited and scared your heart is gonna be broken again, I couldn;t talk to this belly baby without crying and now I giggle everytime I feel him wiggle or kick and am so in love. I always tell him he has a special sister who loved him so much she became an angel to protect and watch over him,

  11. So excited that you got to see a heartbeat! What a great day. :) At my first u/s for this pregnancy, the heartrate (at around the same gestational age) was low too - somewhere between 110 - 120, but it's still going strong at almost 28 weeks. My doc said the same thing about it being slower when it first forms and starts beating. Good luck!!

  12. yay so happy to see babies 1at pic-- hope you are doing well..