Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11*29*2010 Due Date

Hello Due Date!

Well then! Hannah's due date came and went! I can't believe it. I still have the feelings of "IF we bring this baby home" so I'm getting quite anxious for her to come out and make her appearance. I want to count fingers and toes, hear her little baby sounds, and smell her little baby smells. I want to SEE that she is healthy. If she isn't born by Dec 10th, they will induce that night into the am of the 11th. The 10th belongs to my BB Monica's beautiful baby girl Gracie. It'll be her 1 year angelversary. They did strip my membranes today...they did this last week too. Maybe It'll help things along... if not ~ she just isn't ready. She'll come when she's ready. For now I'm enjoying the end of this pregnancy with my Hannah... my turkey tater tot. This beautiful bond we share that is soon to change into something different. Something I've never quite experienced before. As much as I'm getting anxious to see her and hold her, I think I might miss her being in there? I'm sure that as soon as she's here I'll see how wonderful it is to have her and my feelings of maybe missing her will be replaced by joy. Ryan and I did a belly cast together for her due date. It came out pretty well I think. Ryans holding it in the pic cuz it was still a bit wet and we couldn't lay it down.

40 Weeks

39 Weeks

The house is clean, our bags are packed... it's all just just a waiting game for now. I'll definatley keep everyone posted.


  1. Wonderful news Megan...praying for a safe and speedy delivery for you both. Much love xo

  2. Hope your baby girl decides to come soon! Glad you are doing well otherwise.

  3. Happy DUE DATE! Your belly cast is lovely! Are you going to paint it?

  4. Haha! What part of this post sticks out most in my mind?...

    "Smell her baby smells"!!!

    You may take those words back in a couple of weeks! ;)

    I am so excited for you, Megan!! I hope Hannah comes sooner than later for you but I must say that yes, even with her here, you probably still will miss having her inside!

    Can't wait to see her!


  5. Meg, praying baby Hannah hurries up and gets here! How could you NOT be anxious, you have made it to the end...its time for her to come out so you can rest your mind that she is here, alive and well.

  6. Good luck! Can wait to see her pictures! We tell people to do the "horizontal shuffle" - there is prostaglandin in the sperm that can bring on labour. Lol...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

  7. I finally just noticed your posted. And I'm so glad you don't have to wait anymore :)

  8. So excited for you! I added you as a friend on Facebook in case she's here and you just haven't had a chance to post about it (understandable). You look great & the belly cast is adorable!!!